In today’s economy, employers increasingly demand that workers have a high school diploma, yet America’s graduation rates are unacceptably low, particularly among poor and minority students with learning differences. In fact, according to the Georgia Department of Education in 2011 only about 43% of students with disabilities graduated with a high school diploma. That number is even lower for some Metro Atlanta school districts. Triumph Transition Institute (TTI) was founded to improve these numbers and the fate of some of our most vulnerable students.

TTI was founded by someone who knows all too well what it means to be an individual with a learning difference. As an individual with dyslexia, Cindy Lumpkin, The LD Coach, was able to overcome the impact of the learning difference upon her life. After working in a large urban district in Metro Atlanta where the success rate of students with learning differences were way too low, she started Triumph Transitions Institute with one student and little money, but lots of passion and faith. Her goal is to help students from economically diverse backgrounds with learning differences, which have failed or are failing in public schools.

All teachers are hand selected, based on skill level and passion in the classroom to instruct students in academically challenging classes that ultimately lead to preparation for college, training programs, careers and life. In addition to challenging academics, TTI encourages students to develop socially and emotionally.

TTI is rooted in the desire to develop and encourage the very best in all students. The entire staff is committed to working with students to help each one discover their talents and stretch themselves to maximize their potential. The mantra we instil in our students is “To rise is ultimately my purpose hereafter!