Post Graduate

Triumph Transition Institute’s Post Graduate Program is designed specifically for non-traditional individuals with learning differences that leave high school unsuccessfully passing state required test for graduation, preventing their transition to post-secondary studies. This program enables the student to improve Math and English skills, complete a foreign language or other state requirements for a college preparatory diploma.

The Post Graduate Program will aid students in:

  • acclimating to a college environment socially and academically
  • advocating for services and maintaining those services
  • testing prep assistance and strategies to aid with organization and executive functioning
  • note-taking skills in a college lecture
  • writing research papers and essays
  • summarizing information in a book

The Post Graduate Program services as a support bridge between high school and other post-secondary options. Once students complete this program they will have acquired the needed skills to be successful in their future endeavors.

Measurable outcomes of the Post Graduate Program:

  • To improve reading and math skills
  • Obtain high school diploma
  • Develop a Life Plan including short, medium, and long-term goals
  • Demonstrate ability to self-advocate